It’s a real treat when collectors send me a photograph of paintings or prints they’ve collected on display in their home or office. I just love seeing how they have chosen to display the artwork on their walls. It’s great to see the unique arrangements they create to hang a set of prints or a painting of mine. Today, I would like to share with you a few of these images that have really brightened my day:

This painting has a happy home in Colorado

These two blue beauties were painted in 2013 and are hanging together in their Denver, Colorado collector’s home. I’m loving how she has these two complimentary pieces on display together in the same room, from what I can tell in the pictures.

blue moon lake painting carly landry
This painting has a happy home in Colorado too!

She also owns another piece of mine, from 2012 titled “Blinded”, but unfortunately I don’t have a photo of that one to share at this time. Knowing this collector as well as I do, I can guarantee these paintings are cherished — thank you!

It’s funny to me how often I stop and wonder about where so many of my past paintings currently are today. Not many collectors share that information with me, but as a creator I can’t help but be curious about them all. Especially my early works. Who get’s to see them? Where are they displayed? Have they been resold or passed down to a new generation?

Photo of 6 Moon Phase Prints on display. Contributed by AutumnTreeSpiritGems

The next two images were shared with me by a collector who purchased some of my prints to display in her office. The first photo if from my set of “Moon Phases” prints. Just gorgeous how she has arranged them – I love it.

Photo of my tree prints on display. Contributed by AutumnTreeSpiritGems

In the second image, she has made another fabulous arrangement with my prints, “Rising Moon”, “Pleasant Countenance” and “Suddenly Sullen”. Again, just fabulous and I love seeing them hanging in their new ‘home’. In addition to being a collector of my work, this particular individual is also an artist and creates some amazing jewelry and other fine items. I own one of her bracelets, which I absolutely adore and I highly recommend giving her Etsy shop a visit to view her magical, handmade offerings.

Although I have more collector photo’s to share, I will save those for another time. Thanks for viewing and wishing you all a wonderful day!