Original Painting | Barn Home by Carly Landry

Though I’ve been quite busy the last few months with local projects, I’ve managed to complete a new painting:

“Barn Home”

Side View Photo #2 of Barn Home - Painting by Carly Landry



Being raised on a farm as a child, I have a certain fondness for painting scenes and structures one might find on a long afternoon drive through the country during fall months – in my own vibrant style of course. Being born and raised in Arizona and having (still) never traveled to any locations with true changing seasons, I’ve been left to my imagination for what these awesome seasonal shifts must look like in person. And yes, this is why I paint autumn scenes so often! As magical as I’m sure a life-long desert dweller like myself can expect such scenes to be, I don’t think I would be willing to trade the beauty of them for our wonderfully warm winters here in Arizona.

Back to the Barn. I’d been wanting to paint a barn for quite some time now because I’ve had loads of sketches of different barns piling up in my sketchbooks and notepads just begging to be brought to life but I was waiting for the perfect one. Finally, just a few weeks ago this fun image sprang to life on my sketch pad (a digital one this time) and I couldn’t wait to get started. Within a few weeks, the quirky digital sketch eventually became my latest acrylic painting. Loads of layers over many days of building color until I finally found myself smiling and saying, “It is done!”

I really hope you enjoy this fun and unique piece – it was such a great experience for me to paint it. Perhaps, you can even feel the cool autumn breeze or imagine the warmth of the hearth waiting just inside this charming barn house as you view it. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Technical Details:

“Barn Home” is an acrylic painting on 16″ x 20″ gallery wrapped, stretched canvas. It features 1.75″ wide edges which are painted black. This painting includes a signed and dated certificate of authenticity and will be packaged to gallery/museum standards with archival materials. Hanging wire has been attached to the back of the painting for easy display and the painting surface been sealed with archival matte varnish. For anyone interested, I’ve added a few step-by-step photo’s of the painting process for this work in an album on my Facebook Art Page. Although it’s only just becoming summer here in the United States, I hope you enjoy this warm and inviting scene surrounded by bright autumn foliage and rolling wheat fields.
For purchase information and more photos, come see the listing on my site!

Thank you for viewing!


2 thoughts on “Original Painting | Barn Home by Carly Landry

    1. Really wonderful! Please keep updating, I have booked marked your site and am about to email it to a few friends of mine that I know would enjoy your work.

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