Artist Gifts | Five Perfect Presents For The Painter in Your Life

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Do you have a painter in your life and you need the perfect artist gifts for an upcoming birthday? Maybe you’re madly in love with a painter and you need something unique and special to give them for Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner? (hint: Husband of mine, you’d better be reading this.) Perhaps you were thinking of buying them art supplies and you aren’t sure what they need or already have, but you still want something that would suit them and their passion?

Look no further! I have FIVE fantastic artist gifts for you to chose from that are all personally approved by me: A painter, who would totally appreciate and love any or all of these awesome artist gifts. Best part? They all fall under $30 and most of them include free Prime Shipping which, if you don’t have Prime already, you may want to consider the free trial. If you know me personally, you’re probably aware that I’m a huge of fan of the program because of how frequently I’m ordering art supplies and it’s saved me huge amounts in shipping expenses over the years. The free two day shipping is so sweet for a working artist who often needs specialty supplies fast. If you’re anything like me you’ll, try Amazon Prime and never look back.

Artist Gift #5

JJMax Women’s Art Masterpiece Painting Collection Socks


I know what you’re thinking… socks? Really! Socks, yes! Everyone needs and uses them. I love that these artsy socks are woven and what better way to display some of the world’s most famous famous paintings than on your feet? The links above are for women’s sizes. A set in men’s sizes with slightly different designs can be found here.


Artist Gift #4

Eat Sleep Art Repeat Men’s Shirt

Simple and on point. This shirt makes a great gift for guys that are truly dedicated to their craft. It’s also a fantastic tee that wives can conveniently borrow when needing a nice, comfy sleep shirt. Not that I would ever do such a thing. Would I, honey?

Artist Gift #3

“Choose Your Weapon” Artist Apron

Mildly witty, just like me. This fully adjustable unisex smock is perfect for keeping those inevitable paint splatters from destroying that new shirt you just bought. A serious investment for any painter who needs to protect special clothing worn to paint in, like that incredibly time-consuming sweater that grandma just spent half a year knitting for you. Protect yourself, seriously.

Artist Gift #2

 XP-PEN A4 Size LED Tracing Light Box

Much like  master artist, Johannes Vermeer utilized fanciful technology like the camera obscura, so too will your gift-receiving artist utilize and adore this fantastic piece of equipment. You might want to check and see if your gift recipient already has one of these new ‘light pads’ but chances are, they don’t and they will LOVE you for getting this for them (I certainly would, Dearest of husbands). Most artists who are serious about their craft utilize tools like this to help them improve their drawing skills on a regular basis. With this super thin LED light box, transferring images from photo to sketch becomes a breeze.

Artist Gift #1

LumiSource WOOPSY O Whoopsy Novelty Desk Lamp

Last but not least, my final top gift is this super unique ‘Paint Pouring’ lamp by LumiSource, available in 6 different colors. It was actually my cousin (also an artist) who posted this on Facebook a few days ago and I absolutely fell in love. Whatever your artistic craft, almost every creator I know always needs more light in their working area. Painters like me who often create during the wee, dark hours of the early morning would certainly appreciate this gift. Such a great way to brighten up a creative space by adding this fun lamp!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of gift ideas for artists and painters. If you happen to be an art lover yourself, be sure to take a look at my art shop before you leave and leave me a comment below if you have any favorites!

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