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Important Update: Taking a Painting Sabbatical

I’m Taking an Extended Leave from Painting

Initially I wasn’t going to publicly announce my leave from painting, but after thinking things over, it seemed best to create a post in order to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. The last time I took a very short break from painting, I didn’t make any sort of announcement which then caused a few people to really worry when they couldn’t get in touch with me. I’d rather that not happen again as I expect this break may be a long one and I might not be easy to contact.

If you follow my work, then you are probably already mildly aware that my interest in writing has been growing over the past few years. If you know me very closely, then you know this is a gross understatement. The truth is, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with writing and it has steadily consumed more of my creative time with each passing year. What many don’t know is that I’ve been ghostwriting – a lot – since about 2010, mainly for fun and also to improve my writing skills. In 2015, I delved into writing non-fiction while learning the ropes of independent publishing which was immensely rewarding. Currently, I’ve spent the last year penning works of fiction under various pen names, finding my writing voice and experimenting in writing different genres of fiction.

At the beginning of the year, I thought I would be able to juggle continuous painting with ample time for my family while still being able to pursue my writing projects. I’d envisioned myself able to complete short daily painting sprints effortlessly with plenty of creativity left over to add thousands of words toward my writing goals. Ha! Needless to say, I was completely and totally wrong but it taught me a valuable lesson: The time has come to make some major changes.

Although my intentions are always good, I’m pretty bad about taking on more than I can handle and this time, I truly overdid it. Since 2015, I’ve experienced several spurts of feeling bled dry. It would happen any time I tried to make even the slightest bit of room for any new creative endeavor. In February, it became abundantly clear that I needed to make a cut somewhere in order to maintain sanity as total creative burn-out kicked in, yet again. Long story short, this time I knew had to make a choice and I’ve chosen to step back from painting, for a time, and focus solely on my family and my current writing projects.

What ‘s Changing

This decision for an extended painting break has led me to make some changes:

Does this mean I have quit painting?

No way. I could never quit painting, even if I tried — it’s what I do and have always done. If you follow my work here or on social media accounts, I will still continue posting whatever I’m working on, so that won’t change, but may become less frequent. To recap, I’ll only be creating new work when time allows with no plans to make paintings available for purchase for any person(s) for an unknown amount of time.

Commissions & Custom Painting Requests

As it stands, I have only one commissioned set of paintings to make for a friend that I’ll be completing around May of this year. After those are completed, I will not be accepting any custom art requests from any person(s) for an undefined amount of time. That said, I want to point you in the direction of two amazing groups with many talented artists that most certainly have one or more creators that can meet your needs for custom artwork. Check them out: Northend Artists’ Coop and Littlewood Coop

Artwork Availability

So this is a big one: At this time, I will not be offering artwork for shows, sales, displays, shops, etc. Currently, my plans only include painting for personal leisure or to create artwork for my own tutorial videos and workshop books that help others learn to paint. As for new work, I’ll likely only be sharing tutorial paintings or work that will remain in my private family collection from now until some unknown time in the future. Again, I do plan to continue displaying paintings both here on my website and on my social media accounts which will all remain active. At this time, all past paintings are no longer available. Prints and other products featuring my artwork are currently limited and most likely will be discontinued completely in the near future.

Art Shows & Other Art Related Requests

As for shows, I will not be creating any new work for or be participating in any art shows locally or abroad for an undefined amount of time and thus, invitation requests for me to participate in activities of this nature may be inadvertently ignored. Please know that this is not personal! Although I do greatly appreciate the requests to participate in shows, interviews, publications, teaching engagements, join art groups, etc — I will no longer be personally replying to requests of this nature. Instead, I will be auto-forwarding such requests to this post for clarification. If you find yourself here for that reason, please read the entire article.

Northend Artists’ Cooperative

What might seem most significant to those who follow my work locally, I’ve recently resigned from the Northend Artists’ Coop.

To expand on that, my leaving the NEAC was most definitely the hardest decision to make. I have been with The Northend Artists’ Coop in Yuma since 2011 and they have been a wonderful group. In that time, they have become like an extended family to me and I’ve enjoyed painting with them immensely. It is my hope that someday I may return when my plate is less full, if I am actively painting and if they have an opening when that time comes. To anyone who follows my work, please continue supporting these great artists – go to their shows, buy up all of their art and visit with them on Saturdays in Yuma, AZ because they are a wonderful bunch who do great things for the art community in Yuma, AZ.


How Long is This Sabbatical?

I’m not sure how long this extended painting break will last. Perhaps a few months? Perhaps a few years? Indefinitely? My guess is that it’s somewhere in between, but please know that I have not made this decision lightly. It’s taken me a very long time – years, to be exact – with much deliberation to come to the conclusion that I truly need this break from painting.

Why am I going into so much detail about this (some have actually asked)? My main reason for this is simple. You may be one of many who have followed my work for over fourteen long years now and you have a right to know.

Long ago, an artist whom I deeply admired dropped off the face of the planet with hardly a word to explain why she’d stopped creating her beautiful art. She just simply stopped one day with no more art. Myself and hundreds of others were all shocked and baffled that she had quit creating such fantastic work, but worse — we had no idea what had happened to her or if she was okay. To this day, I’m sure many of us still wonder and that is not something I wish for anyone who follows my work. Hopefully with this post, I have dispelled any worries or concerns.

On a brighter note, please know that A. I have not fallen off the planet. B. I am most definitely okay. And most importantly: C: I have not stopped creating. If you made it this far through my long-winded post, I hope you will find yourself as excited as I am, because I’m preparing for some really big things. While it’s true I won’t be telling as many stories with a brush and canvas, I will still be telling stories through written word and I can’t wait for what the future holds. I have a feeling many exciting things will unfold in the months and years ahead and when they do, I’ll be thrilled to share them all with you.

Until later,


Top artists Gifts 2017

Artist Gifts | Five Perfect Presents For The Painter in Your Life

Do you have a painter in your life and you need the perfect artist gifts for an upcoming birthday? Maybe you’re madly in love with a painter and you need something unique and special to give them for Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner? (hint: Husband of mine, you’d better be reading this.) Perhaps you were thinking of buying them art supplies and you aren’t sure what they need or already have, but you still want something that would suit them and their passion?

Look no further! I have FIVE fantastic artist gifts for you to chose from that are all personally approved by me: A painter, who would totally appreciate and love any or all of these awesome artist gifts. Best part? They all fall under $30 and most of them include free Prime Shipping which, if you don’t have Prime already, you may want to consider the free trial. If you know me personally, you’re probably aware that I’m a huge of fan of the program because of how frequently I’m ordering art supplies and it’s saved me huge amounts in shipping expenses over the years. The free two day shipping is so sweet for a working artist who often needs specialty supplies fast. If you’re anything like me you’ll, try Amazon Prime and never look back.

Artist Gift #5

JJMax Women’s Art Masterpiece Painting Collection Socks


I know what you’re thinking… socks? Really! Socks, yes! Everyone needs and uses them. I love that these artsy socks are woven and what better way to display some of the world’s most famous famous paintings than on your feet? The links above are for women’s sizes. A set in men’s sizes with slightly different designs can be found here.


Artist Gift #4

Eat Sleep Art Repeat Men’s Shirt

Simple and on point. This shirt makes a great gift for guys that are truly dedicated to their craft. It’s also a fantastic tee that wives can conveniently borrow when needing a nice, comfy sleep shirt. Not that I would ever do such a thing. Would I, honey?

Artist Gift #3

“Choose Your Weapon” Artist Apron

Mildly witty, just like me. This fully adjustable unisex smock is perfect for keeping those inevitable paint splatters from destroying that new shirt you just bought. A serious investment for any painter who needs to protect special clothing worn to paint in, like that incredibly time-consuming sweater that grandma just spent half a year knitting for you. Protect yourself, seriously.

Artist Gift #2

 XP-PEN A4 Size LED Tracing Light Box

Much like  master artist, Johannes Vermeer utilized fanciful technology like the camera obscura, so too will your gift-receiving artist utilize and adore this fantastic piece of equipment. You might want to check and see if your gift recipient already has one of these new ‘light pads’ but chances are, they don’t and they will LOVE you for getting this for them (I certainly would, Dearest of husbands). Most artists who are serious about their craft utilize tools like this to help them improve their drawing skills on a regular basis. With this super thin LED light box, transferring images from photo to sketch becomes a breeze.

Artist Gift #1

LumiSource WOOPSY O Whoopsy Novelty Desk Lamp

Last but not least, my final top gift is this super unique ‘Paint Pouring’ lamp by LumiSource, available in 6 different colors. It was actually my cousin (also an artist) who posted this on Facebook a few days ago and I absolutely fell in love. Whatever your artistic craft, almost every creator I know always needs more light in their working area. Painters like me who often create during the wee, dark hours of the early morning would certainly appreciate this gift. Such a great way to brighten up a creative space by adding this fun lamp!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of gift ideas for artists and painters. If you happen to be an art lover yourself, be sure to take a look at my art shop before you leave and leave me a comment below if you have any favorites!

Artfully Amusing New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

These days, so many seem bothered or even repulsed by the word ‘resolutions’.

It seems some people associate New Year’s resolutions with broken promises-to-self, certain failure, or perhaps they just dislike setting goals all together. Either way, I tend to enjoy setting New Year resolutions and it’s something I do just before each year comes to a close. While I understand it’s all too easy to become disappointed when goals are not achieved, I don’t think the problem lies with the act of setting New Year’s resolutions but rather the kinds of resolutions some choose to set. Rather than choosing a fun or easy goal, many seem to set overly lofty goals which end up far too difficult to obtain, leading to certain disappointment. In my experience, setting small, fun and easily attainable resolutions at the start of each year helps renew my focus and often re-inspires me. I suppose this is because I’m all about living a fun and enjoyable life, so normally the goals I set aren’t too wild or structured and they are genuinely things that I look forward to.

All that said, this year I do actually have what I consider to be a few big ones.


#1: More Writing, Including Blogging/Vlogging

2017 – Writing on to finish book two and beyond

I’m keeping this particular resolution fairly open in the sense that, as long as I write significantly more this year than last year, I’ll have achieved this goal. Ideally, this would mean I have completed writing, polishing and publishing book two of my painting tutorial book series in addition to much more blogging and vlogging on My YouTube Channel. I’d also like to have both books in paperback form this year, as well as significant progress on other manuscripts I’m currently drafting.

In late 2015 and 2016, I focused heavily on local projects, commissioned paintings, painting instruction, creating a fresh body of work and participating in art shows. While that was all very fun and rewarding, unfortunately my writing was put on hold far longer than I would have liked. This year, I’m really looking forward to more writing, blogging and video creation.


#3: Improved Time Management For My Creative Works

This is another rather lofty one, so again I’m keeping it loose. As an artist and creator (of oh-so-many things) my biggest challenge is time management for the numerous projects I have going at any given time. One might think it’s easy to just ‘block in’ a time frame to complete an artistic project because that works extremely well for most all tasks. Yet art, in nearly any form, just doesn’t seem to work well or flow properly when it’s being contained, at least for me.

So, my rather broad goal is just to do a bit better in this department than I did last year. Simply not getting overly absorbed in any single creative project so that I might make more time for other tasks this year. Whether I am painting, writing, sculpting, dancing or even making simple crafts, the project always seems to take it’s own course which is surprisingly unexpected and near impossible to fit into any type of calculated regime or time slot. I believe this is part of what makes art so special; the way art should be made and I don’t intend to change that aspect of letting my work evolve and flow organically. Thus, I’m not going to attempt to pencil out a schedule but rather try and catch myself before I get too absorbed and lose focus on the bigger picture of what I’d like to achieve in 2017.

As for the best way for me to manage creative time, I feel the hardest part of achieving this goal might be having to say no to other people. Custom works or requested classes and projects (no matter how much I love doing them) requires that I stop working on any long-term creative piece for a time. This often leads to my losing momentum and steam for the current work which ultimately lands on a shelf or folder somewhere in my studio until said inspiration decides to re-visit. After 15 years as a working artist, I know that I work best when I can complete an entire project while that initial creative ‘spark’ is still burning brightly. As much as it is hard for me to say no, this year I intend to do it as often as needed and hopefully without feeling any guilt over doing so.


So that’s it for my big New Year’s resolutions for 2017!  I’m feeling pretty confident that these are attainable for me with a touch of extra focus and determination. I’m especially excited to see what creations come through my daily writing and even more excited to share my new books when they are ready. To anyone out there with New Year’s goals for 2017, I wish you nothing but success in achieving all that you desire; Let’s do it together. If you have any of your own resolutions or goals for this year, I would love to hear them!

Have a very happy and blessed New Year, my friends!

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Original Painting | Barn Home by Carly Landry

Though I’ve been quite busy the last few months with local projects, I’ve managed to complete a new painting:

“Barn Home”

Side View Photo #2 of Barn Home - Painting by Carly Landry



Being raised on a farm as a child, I have a certain fondness for painting scenes and structures one might find on a long afternoon drive through the country during fall months – in my own vibrant style of course. Being born and raised in Arizona and having (still) never traveled to any locations with true changing seasons, I’ve been left to my imagination for what these awesome seasonal shifts must look like in person. And yes, this is why I paint autumn scenes so often! As magical as I’m sure a life-long desert dweller like myself can expect such scenes to be, I don’t think I would be willing to trade the beauty of them for our wonderfully warm winters here in Arizona.

Back to the Barn. I’d been wanting to paint a barn for quite some time now because I’ve had loads of sketches of different barns piling up in my sketchbooks and notepads just begging to be brought to life but I was waiting for the perfect one. Finally, just a few weeks ago this fun image sprang to life on my sketch pad (a digital one this time) and I couldn’t wait to get started. Within a few weeks, the quirky digital sketch eventually became my latest acrylic painting. Loads of layers over many days of building color until I finally found myself smiling and saying, “It is done!”

I really hope you enjoy this fun and unique piece – it was such a great experience for me to paint it. Perhaps, you can even feel the cool autumn breeze or imagine the warmth of the hearth waiting just inside this charming barn house as you view it. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Technical Details:

“Barn Home” is an acrylic painting on 16″ x 20″ gallery wrapped, stretched canvas. It features 1.75″ wide edges which are painted black. I hope you enjoy this warm and inviting scene surrounded by bright autumn foliage and rolling wheat fields.

Thank you for viewing!


Original Paintings on Display | Collector Photo Share

Carly Landry Paintings on Display

It’s a real treat when collectors send me a photograph of paintings or prints they’ve collected on display in their home or office. I just love seeing how they have chosen to display the artwork on their walls. It’s great to see the unique arrangements they create to hang a set of prints or a painting of mine. Today, I would like to share with you a few of these images that have really brightened my days:

blue moon lake dock painting by carly landry
This painting has a happy home in Colorado

These two blue beauties I painted in 2013 are shown hanging together in their Denver, Colorado collector’s home. I’m loving how she has these two complimentary pieces on display together in the same room, from what I can tell in the pictures. She also owns another piece of mine, from 2012 titled “Blinded”, but unfortunately I don’t have a photo of that one to share at this time. Knowing this collector as well as I do, I can guarantee these paintings are moon clouds and lake painting by carly landry

It’s funny to me how often I stop and wonder about where so many of my past paintings currently are today. Not many collectors share that information with me, but as a creator I can’t help but be curious about them all. Especially my early works. Who get’s to see them? Where are they displayed? Have they been resold or passed down to a new generation?

Photo of my Moon Phase Prints on display. Contributed by AutumnTreeSpiritGems
Photo of my Moon Phase Prints on display. Contributed by AutumnTreeSpiritGems


The next two images were shared with me by a collector who purchased some of my prints to display in her office. The first photo if from my set of “Moon Phases” prints. Just gorgeous how she has arranged them – I love it.

Photo of my tree prints on display. Contributed by AutumnTreeSpiritGems
Photo of my tree prints on display. Contributed by AutumnTreeSpiritGems

In the second image, she has made another fabulous arrangement with my prints, “Rising Moon”, “Pleasant Countenance” and “Suddenly Sullen”. Again, just fabulous and I love seeing them hanging in their new ‘home’. In addition to being a collector of my work, this particular individual is also an artist and creates some amazing jewelry and other fine items. I own one of her bracelets, which I absolutely adore and I highly recommend giving her Etsy shop a visit to view her magical, handmade offerings.

Although I have more collector photo’s to share, I will save those for another time. For all of the artists and creators out there: Do any of you feel the same way about your creations, once they have sold or gone off to a new home? Do you ever find yourself wondering where they are…. how they are doing? If so, leave a reply down below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!